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The laminates are very thin and tooth veneers produced separately for each tooth. They are similar to artificial nails in terms of shape. The natural whiteness and light transmittance of the ceramic ensures that the laminates are perfectly similar to the real teeth.

In fact, approximately 70% of famous people owe this smile to modern dentistry. The laminate veneer provides us with this beautiful and bright smile.

The laminates are very thin ceramic prostheses that are placed on the real tooth of the patient. In laughs called “Hollywood Laugh”, there are always laminate veneers in the lead.

In addition to their aesthetic properties, the laminates are highly durable, long-lasting and powerful. In this case, they are an ideal helper to eliminate minor problems in your natural tooth. They are mainly used for the restoration of the teeth in the anterior region, but in recent years it has been also started to be used in the posterior regions.

Veneers are either made of composite and are made directly in the office (they are called composite veneers) or made of ceramic and are made in the laboratory (called ceramic veneer).

  • Ceramic Laminates: It has more resistance than composite laminates and has more color stability than composites and has a more elegant appearance.
  • Composite Laminates: The color consistency of this type of laminate is less, but the price is more granular and it has less teeth scratching that can be regarded as one of its advantages.

Conditions in which the Porcelain Laminates are generally used:

Coloration or staining: The strong coloration or staining may not be eliminated by the conventional tooth whitening methods. The laminates are a permanent, easy and effective method for such problems.

Broken or damaged teeth: The tooth fracture or damages in the tooth enamel is very common among the patients. These damages can come into existence due to trauma or clenching/grinding during sleep.

Trapezoid teeth or gaps between teeth: The trapezoid teeth and tooth cavities are mostly orthodontic problems, but there are cases where using laminate can achieve much faster and more effective results.

Some patients regain their natural tooth color with a variety of whitening treatments, but in some patients, the coloration is so high that the ordinary whitening treatments are not sufficient to capture the white tooth color.

The coloration of teeth is a major problem in dentistry and usually occurs because of our life habits and fast lifestyle. The frequent consumption of the colored beverages such as coffee and tea greatly accelerates the tooth coloration.

The laminate veneer treatment process begins with engraving the enamel on the tooth about 0.5 mm. When this layer is removed, the measurement is taken and a suitable laminate veneer is prepared in the dental laboratory. It is ensured that the resulting laminate is ideally fitted to the patient’s teeth and is permanently bonded.

The laminates are a long-term treatment for the patients who regularly maintain the oral hygiene. In addition, a patient must absolutely visit the dentist twice a year. During these checks, your dentist will clean the tartars and plaques in your mouth, prolong the life of your laminate porcelain and give the patient a bright smile that will last for years.